Air shipping

Air transport is the mode of transport which consists in transporting goods (loads) from aircraft (air traffic). It is based on standards of the International Air Transport Association, with reference to the country Infraero.

This type of transport is fast and efficient, plus they offer advantages such as:
• effectively used in the transport of samples;
• Ideal for transportation of goods urgently delivery;
• to have their early issuance, the transport document is obtained more quickly;
• domestic freight, for placement of goods at airports, are smaller, and shorter time, given the location thereof;
• possibility of reducing or eliminating stocks by the exporter, since it is possible to apply more aggressively one just policy in time, providing reduced working capital costs by continuous shipment, and may even be daily or more times a day, depending on the destinations;
• reduction of packaging costs, since it need not be as robust as the merchandise is less manipulated;
• air transport insurance is lower in relation to the sea, ranging from 30% to 50% on the average, depending on the commodity.